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Yay, Chapter 22 has been posted. <3

OKAY, I knooow I'm going to get railed on for this, because after all the time off I took from writing, I admit this chapter doesn't get very far and still ends on a cliffhanger. BUUUT, I have to let you know that hopefully this won't last for long, because I'm already halfway through the next chapter. So, to prove it, I am going to post a short preview of chapter 23 ALREADY!

“Now, hold still, Milo,” Lola said as she steadied his head and readied her scissors.

“Are you sure we have to do this?” he muttered

“Well, you want to look presentable, don’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Milo grumbled as he was forced to agree. “I know they’re going to have a hard enough time believing me at it is—”

“…And nevermind if you show up with hair like that! Look at these split ends!”

Milo simply rolled his eyes.

“Heh, just get it over with, okay?”

“Can do!”

So, Lola set to work snipping away at Milo’s familiar stubborn locks. His hair was much shorter than the ponytail length it had been back when I’d met him living in that restaurant-top apartment, but it was still far from typical male-length hair and quite uneven. Still, even in it’s uneven-ness, from the way it fell about Milo’s head I’d always thought it looked just fine. Milo wasn’t one to be known for appearing all too clean-cut and formal.

“Hmph,” Lola muttered as she worked. “To think your son is taking after you hair-wise…”

Milo chuckled lightly.

“Y’know, Lola,” he said, “As if your hair hasn’t grown at all.” Indeed Lola’s hair was very long, and flowed nearly down to the end of her back. “And what about Lialinaua! Why does everyone care so much about my hair?!”

Lola stuck out her tongue.

Soon the kitchen floor was littered with little copper clips of dragon hair, which Milo looked down upon with much remorse.

“Almost done,” Lola informed him. “Shay and Lialinaua should be back soon, too.”

Milo sighed and Lola thought she heard him whimper a bit.

“Alright!” she proclaimed as she made the final snip. “Voila!”

Slowly, Milo raised his hands up to inspect the damage. He then omitted a cry that could have only been transcribed as:

“Geeep! Ayaa—ghaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!”

But wait, there's more! I have yet another bonus for y'all, since anyone who is still reading this has been extrodinarily paitient. I have also added a new story to the short stories page! Okay, before you try and figure out where in the DOD timelike this story fits in, it doesn't. I wrote this for another creative writing class with absolutely no intention of using for the site, until I re-read it and realized, "Oh hell, with a few adjustments this could fit right into the Dawn of Dragons canon." So, here it is for you to enjoy:

Thanks for reading,
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