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Finally, finally. I started re-reading through the third book chapters about a week ago, and I finally finished yesterday. I also uploaded new versions, although you probably won't be able to tell the difference since I only corrected a few spelling and grammar errors here and there. I have to admit it was kind of slow going because there are a lot of chapters in the third book that I just plain don't like very much. It's all so inconsistant, which I know is of course the fault of my infrequent updating, but I don't like working on it because it drives me crazy that it's so inconsistant, and... It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, I haven't had internet recently due to a shake-up in my life and a change in my living situation, but at least I've been trying to write. In fact, I bring proof! (This was also posted on the message board, but I figured I'd update here too since I figure maybe if I update the LJ community more often, people will join, ha.)

The grass felt particularly cool on that evening as I squished it between my toes while I rested on the hill overlooking the beach by Lola’s and my parents’ old house. I wondered if Dawn and Milo ever sat here themselves enjoying the peaceful evening tranquility. Well, I imagined in their day it was tranquil, because they would have had Lialinaua and my brother practice sparring against each other on the beach all day. Silently, I thanked the shelter of the hill and Lialinaua’s impeccable magic skills, which kept any stray bolts of magic from leaking out and causing any commotion.

I also thanked Lola for her constant supply of lemonade for both the contenders and myself.

Although it looked like Lialinaua’s training was hard on Drayk since he hadn’t been able to lay one scratch on Lialinaua, it was actually satisfying to watch. Finally Drayk had an outlet for his energy, and his magic, in a controlled environment where he could simply let loose and express himself with everything he had. Lialinaua had explained it to me earlier:

“I’ve known his type,” she’d said to me between sips was absently enjoying a cup of orange juice that morning. “He’s enthusiastic that I’ll be training him, but deep down he still thinks he doesn’t need it. I’ll never be able to get him to focus as long as he’s thinking that that, so I’ll tire him out first. Then I’ll tell him it’s time for the real training.” She winked pleasantly and put down her glass. “Lola my darling, I must have this recipe.”

I giggled at the thought that such a powerful dragoness as her was so amazed by the concept of “orange juice.” Lialinaua was surprisingly down-to-earth on rare occasions.

Then, I returned my gaze to the battlefield. Drayk had just thrown a surprise blast of magic, which curve-balled towards Lialinaua, who yawned and deflected with her wrist. Drayk, spellbound, blinked in amazement and finally collapsed upon the sand. Quickly, I checked my watch.

“Wow,” I murmured. “Six hours.”

“What’s the score,” Milo asked as he approached me. He spoke with an oddly distracted voice.

“Drayk zero, Lialinaua about three billion. Game, set, match, Lialinaua.”

I may be changing to a different LJ name soon, but I'll let this community know if I do. Peace.
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