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So it's come to my attention that I've been ignoring this little community. :-/ Ah, well. Unfortunetly I haven't really been doing much writing as of late, so I don't have much to post about. I've been taking a creative writing class this semester, so any and all of my fiction writing effots have been aimed at creating a portfolio for that class. (So far I have... a notebook full of abstract scribbles. Oi.)

There is, however, a fanfiction currently in the works called "Chris's Story" on the Short Stories page. There is an introduction up right now and chapters will be added soon. So that should be worth checking out.

Basically, I created this community because I wanted to make sure to secure the name ^_^;; (After I lost, I decided I could never be too careful.) Eventually I will get off my ass and make a better layout, but not very many people go to the actual page of a commnunity to read the entries anyway, ne?
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